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seeing too much

What has been seen cannot be unseen. As glib and funny as that saying has become online, that’s how experience works. You never know until the experience, and once it happens… it can’t unhappen. It is always with, inside you, … Continue reading

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One day off turned into a few days off. I lol.

What’s been going on since I’ve been away from the online world? Well… I finished reading Hitchens’ No One Left To Lie To: The Values of the Worst Family. He nailed not only the Clintons. He called out the various … Continue reading

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the black goat of the family

I was never the black sheep. My personality was never sheep-like. It was more like a goat’s. I would butt heads (figuratively speaking) sometimes, just for fun. I easily digested (figuratively speaking again) things that others found inedible, unpalatable. I … Continue reading

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