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Now that I’m forty years old… I believe I may be hitting my stride again. Things have been clicking back into place. It’s not been by design, I assure you. I’ve just been doing my regular, daily stuff, living the usual day-by-day routine and being myself. I resolved a while back I wasn’t going to “try” to “get it together”. Thing work out best, for me at least, when I don’t force them. That’s contrary to much of what I see, hear, and read in the popular culture, but them’s the breaks. I live by my own anecdote.

I may go to the library today to find a biography of Thomas Jefferson. I’ve learned a fair amount about him over the years, just not the details. He puzzles many people, apparently. At least that how it appears to me. So… I’m going to start reading a bit about him and seeing what there is on him. He was definitely an interesting, complex man, and so I’m expecting a good read.

Last night, I emailed some sociology professors, one at the University of Wisconsin and one at the University of California, and asked them about ethnicity and race. I was under the impression since high school and college that the two may overlap but were not the same thing. Over the past few years I’ve seen the two often used interchangeably. Looking for information online, I found varying definitions and interpretations. So I decided to field those who are most likely to be able to illuminate me on the issue.

I re-watched this year’s season of Doctor Who over the past three weeks. Most of it just doesn’t click for me. I’ve read and listened to many people explaining why I should and/or how I’m mistaken, but it comes down do this: De gustibus non est disputandem. And so it goes.

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2 Responses to stuff and things

  1. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    I hope you will share what you find out from the professors about ethnicity and race. I, too, am curious. Thank you for sharing.

  2. tsactuo says:

    I will. It’s a fascinating topic.

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