Why am I up so late?

I believe the writing for Garden Variety will begin soon. The basics have been stewing for a spell now, and nothing new is forming. Now it’s time to put things together and see how they gel initially. From there the marathon begins. I have the main characters in mind, the time and place, the (very) general landscape, and the inciting incidents, as well as a few key scenes I’d like to see. There are also several optional elements I’ve got in mind. Of course, their use depends wholly on how the story ultimately unfolds. And lastly, I know how I want the story to end, its outcome, the final shot. I’m thinking zither music only for it as well. Or maybe Tom Waits’ song “Black Wings”. Maybe both. Heh.

Short post. That’s all for now.

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One Response to Why am I up so late?

  1. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    Cool. Keep going! Thank you for sharing your creative process.

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