The Dude speaking.

An old idea, one from about two years ago, has crept its way into the ponderings, musings on Garden Variety. It doesn’t change the story, just adds an interesting new wrinkle. Happily I find it moves to reduce or eliminate a concern I had over the sympathy possible for the protagonist. It moves him back into just being a Regular Guy, though a formerly murderous one. A few new character notes have sprung up as well, not all of which can work in concert. I’m sure some will stick and be effective once things get rolling (i.e. I start typing). This newly introduced angle also provides for some romance, or at least hints of it, and a possible twist. I like the idea and what it’s brought to the whole affair. Positive, yes.

Referring to an earlier post, I know what it is I want from folks telling about creativity. Again, I don’t want simply process. From watching the John Cleese video about creativity, I understand what I want. I want Anecdote, not Analysis. Cleese’s video was mostly anecdotal with some analysis thrown in for emphasis, and it was hugely effective. At least that’s what I thought of it.

The kids start back to school in six days. Yes, I’m counting. I’m looking forward to saving about $300 a month in grocery and gas money, and it’ll be nice to have time to sit and read, write, and ponder.

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One Response to The Dude speaking.

  1. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    I watched the video. I see what you wanted. I liked what he said about our minds working while we sleep.

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