Creativity? (via 43thingsin43years)

I’ve watched Monty Python since I was eight years old. I’m glad to see Cleese is still working. ;P

Years ago when I was teacher training I was obsessed with creativity. Can it be taught? This video is excellent for those of us who are creative and need to be reminded, and for those of us who think we aren’t creative at all . . . Take ten mins and enjoy. … Read More

via 43thingsin43years

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2 Responses to Creativity? (via 43thingsin43years)

  1. Thank you for sharing this video. It was very interesting and informative. I especially like the “sleeping on it” part. Makes sense.

  2. Hi Carol – John Cleese is a very interesting and clever man who clearly knows what he’s talking about – even if this audience weren’t too sure of his jokes! Kind regards.

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