passing thoughts

Garden Variety is percolating in my noggin. I’m throwing everything at it I can think of and seeing what sticks. After I get something of a story skeleton and a few images, I’ll sit down and start hammering bits of it out at a time. Once I’ve got the primary elements down, and whatever other goodies that sprang forth in the meantime, I’ll start molding and shaping it. … Well, that’s how it’ll go, theoretically. It’s always messier than that. Them’s the breaks, though.

In not terribly related news, I’ve been watching some really good and some really awful films lately. I have hard time fathoming how so many studio and independent films get made that are of such low, low quality. A friend of mine in an office at Sony Pictures says it really is like the old joke says: “It’s not who you know but who you blow.” Movies get made often by people the producers think are cool, that it somehow will translate into a hot movie property. He said lots of people lose their jobs in studios over shenanigans like that, but it never ends. The movie business is insane. I love it anyway.

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2 Responses to passing thoughts

  1. kerry622 says:

    Good insight LOL! Good Luck with the writing.

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