an audition and an idea

The audition happened today. It was truly unspectacular. It was only memorable in that I was in the building less than five minutes. There was almost no one else auditioning. I reckon the bulk of the folks who did did so yestereve. I walked in, was handed a contact sheet to fill out, was immediately called up to read with the other dude there, read, got a “thanks” and a handshake, and was on my way home. Shortest audition ever. I wasn’t even able to form an opinion on anything other than the theater itself. It was only a theater because it very generally fit the description. Really, it was a large room with a very low ceiling, a wide 6″-elevated platform at the front, four fresnels screwed into the ceiling, lots of folding chairs, and abysmal acoustics. Judging from the appearance, outlay, and the fact it’s an annex of a public school building, I believe it was at one point a school cafeteria. Its community theater has been operating out of it for years, though. It must be doing something right. So we shall see.

I have a friend producing, directing, and writing a documentary about a street musician in the metro. I have another friend making on about local politics in another metro. The notion hit today that maybe I could do one as well. I have a topic, one I’ve been told is controversial, though I don’t find it so. I find it interesting. I do understand, however, that many folks do not really like discussing it despite its oft stated importance and relevance to modern American society. (Folks do love talking about it though, which isn’t nearly the same as discussing.) It’s the concept of race and race relations. I’ve always been fascinated by the notions of race, culture, nationality, and self-image. Maybe I’ll work on it. Maybe I won’t. At the moment it’s just an idea, and I have lots of those anyway. What’s one more, eh?

Not much else going on, really. Projects and changes proceed apace. It’s all leading to something, I’m sure. I reckon I’ll know once I get there, and when I do, I’ll write about it. And then I’ll be on to the next thing. Such is the journey.

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