I have no title for this entry. Darn.

I rediscovered two things today, both quite by accident. Yestereve, I was visiting a friend in town, and when I got to his house he was about to start watching the final episode of Justice League Unlimited. So I watched it with him. Now I’m going to order the whole Justice League series from Netflix and/or Blockbuster Online. I remember watching a few episodes of the show early on, though it never hooked me. I saw last night it wound up pretty well, and so I’m going to give it another shot, full through. Next, along the same lines, I rediscovered Smallville earlier this morning, while I was doing a little internet catch-up about the goings on with DC animated series. I remember watching Smallville early on as well, though the only thing that really caught my attention was whenever John Glover was on screen. I caught a few clips of later seasons I missed, and I got to thinking maybe I ought to give Smallville another whirl as well. So, yeah. I have a lot of viewing coming up in the next few weeks. It’s nice to keep occupied.

I came across some DVDs of Columbo on sale at the Big Box Media Store yesterday. I got seasons one and two for $34 (and some change). I’m quite happy about it. Peter Falk is one of my favorite character actors. I grew up watching Columbo on CBS late nights. I was delighted with the find, and I’ll be watching them soon, in addition to the superhero stuff mentioned earlier.

I enjoy YouTube. I especially enjoy how it shows that lots and lots and lots of people are talented, gifted, skilled, or otherwise quite proficient at things like music, filmmaking, comedy, art, and so forth. YouTube and sites like it really show the entertainment and media elite are neither all that nor a bag of chips. They’re just money-makers. Sure, there’s a lot of crap on YouTube and others, but it’s not like movies, tv, and music aren’t frequently crap as well, just with bigger budgets and distribution. At some point I hope to wind up with some of my stuff on YouTube. That’s likely a ways off, but it’s the goal so far. I believe I’ll be in good company when I get there.

Also, I’m going to try to use the writing prompts I’m seeing all over the place, use them as often as I can. I really had fun with the one the other day, the one I re-posted on this blog. Some of them don’t appeal to me at all, but many of them make me curious. We’ll see.

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