moving right along

I’m going to audition for a play on Sunday. I know nothing about the show other than it’s looks like one of those “contemporary Southern” plays. It’s about old friends who’ve grown apart trying to come together for some sentimental reason and finding out various truths about themselves, friendship, life, the universe, and everything. Or something like that. I’ve no idea if the show’s my cup of tea. I’ll audition, though.

Guillermo del Toro got approval from Universal for his dream project, a film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness. Apparently, it took James Cameron signing on as producer to convince the studio to give it the green light. I’m cool with that. It’s one of my favorite novels/novellas ever, and del Toro is one of my favorite film directors. (And Cameron’s an exceptional producer.) I’m looking forward to how the project develops. Yesterday I also picked up a novel co-written by del Toro. It’s a vampire novel. Reviews have been pretty good, and so I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend.

I had the strangest, spookiest dream last night. I dreamt I was some kind of warrior scout sent to maraud another tribe/group. I spent much of the dream running through a dense forest either on my way to do stuff or escaping pursuers. The weirdest part was right before I woke up this morning. I sneaked into a village and threatened one of its elders while he was still in bed. His defenders then chased me through the forest. I knew I was home-free when I got to a river and dove in. At that time it developed that I was a member of an amphibious race, and I was swimming back down into the depths of a large (apparently) inland sea. There were buildings down there that looked just like buildings on the surface, and I was heading in to one of them when I noticed something very odd and not good. The people that chased me on the surface were now underwater as well, having followed me. I was startled, some terrified that they were, it seemed, amphibious as well. (This was apparently a very new, unwelcome development.) I engaged three of them in a fight, and then I woke up. The really freaky things were a) they were all identical and b) they looked like my sons. Very strange indeed.

Now… on with the day.

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