Relax, man. It’ll be good for you.

So often it’s the little things that keep us going. A compliment here, a joke there, a smile there, unexpected little pleasant surprises hither and yon. It doesn’t take much. Things are slowly coming together for me hereabouts. There are ebbs and flows. Fortunately, it’s mostly flows, small lurches and urges ahead. It’s quite a change, I’ve noticed. I’m glad I gave myself permission to go in this direction, permission to relax and just go with it. I was always the relaxed creative type, a bit like The Dude, definitely not a Type A personality. I’ve been working on shedding the bad habits I picked up over the years. While some folks might be dissatisfied with slow progress, I’m totally fine with it. As long as it’s progress. Honestly, I’m in no rush. All’s well so far on this front. Good deal.

Aside from the camera and the writing stuff I’ve been working on, I’m slowly getting back into the kitchen. Cooking is a hobby I picked up after my first big surgery and hospital stay years and years ago. I was at home and recovering, and Food Network was a brand new channel. I was a captive audience. The cooking fell to the wayside a few years ago, however. It wasn’t for lack of enjoyment. It was simply due to depression, brought on by and the cause of so many difficulties. Now, along with the writing and performing creativity coming back, I’m feeling the pull of the creative kitchen again. Another good signal. I’m a darn good cook when I’m in there. I’m happy it’s coming back.

Progress. Cool.

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