A little here and a little there will add up some day.

It wound up I couldn’t make it to the writing group this evening. I didn’t have enough money for gas to get to the metro. The round trip winds up costing about $7, and I have $77 to last until Monday. Next Monday I’ll go. I’ll have more money then. Ah, economics.

I watched two independent horror flicks this evening. One (The Slaughter) was a 4 out of 10. The other (The Signal) was a 5.5 out of 10. The first film had the spirit and the determination to be a 6, but it was let down partly by its budget and very much by its dreadfully hit-and-miss direction. If I was rating just for myself, I’d give it a 5, due to the effort and grit of the filmmakers. I’m not rating it just for me, though. Rating objectively, it’s a 4. The second film was another ambitious effort, very well-realized. What brought it down for me from a 6 or 6.5 was it had three directors, a very different style in each act. While bold and very interesting, I felt the narrative suffered a bit. I wasn’t hard to follow. I’m not saying that. I found it a bit jarring sometimes. Others I know found that to be a boon for the film. I may later, but for now it’s a 5.5 of 10. (It’s really, really hard for me to rate movies higher than a 6 these days.)

I wrote a bit today, a few interesting little scenelets. (A “scenelet” is a very small, incomplete scene. I made that word up, as far as I know anyway.) One featured a “retired” contract killer in Witness Protection talking with a kid about bullies.  One was about a physicist who just made a startling discovery… and then something totally unexpected happened. The rest were just rather meh bits of dialogue.

I’m working on trundling along and staying focused. It’ll be a little easier once the kids start back to school in a few weeks. (There won’t be arguing over video games and such then.)

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2 Responses to A little here and a little there will add up some day.

  1. Yes, movies have been a tad disappointing lately. Whether that is because the movies are worse or because I’m getting jaded I haven’t figured out but I really look forward to the movie that makes me go – wow.

    • tsactuo says:

      Many of them are worse, for two reasons.

      1. Studios are making fewer movies, and the movies they’re making generally cost disproportionally more than they used to. So they rely more on formula and less on innovation, except with special effects, to a limited degree. With not a lot of exceptions, Big Hollywood is making the same movies over and over, just with bigger budgets and bigger special effects. They haven’t learned that spectacle doesn’t necessarily equate with quality.

      2. Making movies is super cheap now, and there are more filmmakers now than ever before. That means there are so many unskilled, untrained, (dare I say) untalented low-budget filmmakers that the market is being flooded with, well, junk. It’s a learning ground, though, not a place where complacency is rampant, which makes it unlike Hollywood to a large degree.

      So we’re kind of getting it from both ends. Fewer but crappier movies from “on high”. More and crappier movies from “the great unwashed (but well-meaning)”. It’ll even out some time… I hope.

      Note: I belong in that second group, not the first.

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