A quiet day today. Amazing.

I stand amazed. Two of the kids went to their mom’s late last night are are coming back today at 5pm. That means it’s been just me and one of the kiddos since. And that means it’s been pretty quiet hereabouts. I’m going to take a picture, because this is something that doesn’t happen often. We’ve slept late this morning and have been watching movies this afternoon. It’s been pretty cool. Hopefully, when the other two return they’ll be in good moods. It’s been so nice to have a house clear of arguments (over video games, tv, internet use, etc.). I’d rather have the rest of the day off from them, just to finish the weekend off well.

I had strange, funny dreams last night. Most of the characters in it were British and American comedy actors from the 70s and 80s. Lots of surreal things were going on. Lots of things centered on food and dining. Something I ran across on YouTube today struck my fancy, and I’m going to explore combining the two elements (dreams and YouTube) into a short film idea. It’s looney, but it might be fun. It’s often so hard to tell at the outset. On an extremely related note…

I believe I’m going to start my “Bad Japanese Movie” project again. It’s based on those awful Asian “kung-fu” flicks from the 70s that suffered from abysmal dubbing when they reached the West. They were key features on the USA Network late nights when I was a teenager. Back then I used to dream of making a movie like them. Very low budget. Poor lighting. Terrible editing and continuity. Dreadful acting. Hilariously bad audio dubbing. Any one or two of those elements could ruin any other film. Having them all together was like the perfect cinematic storm. Somehow it managed to be hugely entertaining. It just all had to be done totally serious, not in the slightest bit tongue-in-cheek.

And it’s 105 degrees outside. In the shade. Humidity is at around 90%. No breeze at all. Murderous weather.

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