the lull (lol)

Uneventfulness rules so far this week. I bet it’s because of the heat and humidity. Neither have been fiendish by themselves, but together they’ve been pretty nasty. That said, I’ve not been out doing any filming. And I’m okay with that, for now. There’s no set project I’m working on, and so I’ll be as leisurely as I can be while the weather’s unfavorable. I do hope we get another good storm, one with a lot of wind, lightning and thunder, through the area and that I’m home when it blows through. Getting that on film would be very nice. They just keep hitting when I’m not home. Eventually, I reckon.

I bought some new hardware today, a spiffy new graphics card. The ASUS has a piddly little factory graphics card in it. The Radeon I purchased, while not super high end, is more than enough to do what I want with video editing and won’t be outclassed/behind the curve for quite a while. It’s definitely an improvement. The whole hardware setup now is going to last a good while. Next on the agenda, something long-term, saving up for Adobe software. That will take a year, easily. Good thing I’m (relatively) patient.

Tomorrow night there’s a “writers community” meeting in the metro. I’ve been invited. They workshop stuff at their meetings. Everyone writes for an hour or so, and then they all gather to share, discuss. I’ll take the laptop. I can start writing two-pagers there. Easy project, no pressure. Just to get acquainted, with the style and the group. I don’t know if I’ll stay with them, or even if they’ll want me around, but it’s getting out and about. Getting out of the rut is the primary mission. So to the metro I go tomorrow. (Oh, that was a good sentence there!)

Edit (7/23/10, 8pm): Doh! I misread the txt I was sent that told me about the writers workshop thingy. It’s not tonight. It’s on Monday night.

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2 Responses to the lull (lol)

  1. amkuska says:

    You’re lucky to have found a writing group so easily. I feel like no one has even heard of writing where I live now. >.<

    • tsactuo says:

      I’m fortunate in that the few theatre people I’ve stayed in (relative) contact over the years are still very active. I came across this group in a roundabout way, because I accidentally heard from someone who knew someone who was working on something with another person I knew years ago and my name came up in a “Whatever happened to…?” conversation tangent. If it hadn’t been for that, I’d’ve likely never come across this writing group.

      I live out in the sticks, way out in a farming community even the folks in Mayberry would consider hillbilly. The ironic thing is it’s only forty-five minutes from two metros, just there’s almost nothing in between them. I’m stunned whenever I find people hereabouts that’ve heard of tv shows or authors I enjoy. Literacy is not prevalent in this county. It’s a real pity that places like this still exist in the United States of America.

      I hope you’re able to find a group. If you do, I hope they’re worth staying with. (I hope the one I’m going to try out tonight is, too.)

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