the forecast: partly cloudy, yet fair and breezy

Movie Edit Pro 16 is the video editing software I’m to use. That came about, as so often things do, because of economic necessity. By all accounts, it’s good software. I simply didn’t have $1,300+ for Adobe Premiere and After Effects CS5. Movie Edit Pro 16 cost $79.99, and quickly became the front-runner.

In other news, I may be helping out, on the technical side again, with a theatre production coming up next month. It’s with the same outfit I volunteered the other day, where I had so much fun. (I must say, though, that my muscles are still a bit sore from all the lifting and such.) The show’s another musical, Annie. It’s a paying gig, though I don’t want to get paid. I told John just to make sure I get fed on days/evenings I work. The work isn’t enough for me to get paid. That’s my strange figuring anyway. It’s two days of work, tops. Anyway, it’s for an old friend.

Several friends of mine are writing mountains of stuff. I, on the other hand, dawdle, still scribbling and fretting. My confidence in writing is slow to re-emerge. Even when it does, it is prone to sticking its head back under the sand with relative frequency. That makes things difficult, hard for me to really get on a tear and go. One solution proposed to me was to try writing even shorter material, maybe two-page or three-page “episodes” at a time, and link them together as I go. That, rather than trying to plow through all of it at once. That’s quite a good idea. So that’s where I’m going to begin after today. We’ll see how that goes. I’m actually pretty optimistic. (Always a plus.)

I have loads of housework to do over the next week or three weeks. The place really, really needs clearing out and cleaning up. Like my mind, it’s gotten cluttered and a bit dusty over the years. A cleaner environment outside will help for a clearer environment inside.

That’s where I am at the moment.

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