My Life Ten Years From Now

I’ve been pondering this for quite a few months, actually. I saw it as a writing prompt in someone else’s blog and thought I’d give writing my thoughts down a whirl.

Well… several weeks ago I decided that once my youngest son is out of high school, which should be in five years, I’m going to do some traveling. Specifically, the plan is to travel for the purpose of staying where I go for several weeks at a time. The goal is to go and audition for and perform in plays or films wherever I go. I was an actor/writer/director for ten years, and then I screwed it all up by a) getting married to someone who really didn’t want me to do those things and b) giving it up as a “compromise” (which of course was never honored by her). You see, I live in a rural area that is about fifty miles from the nearest metro area where there is a functioning theatre/film community. And I can’t afford the driving required to participate. It’s been eating me up for years. So… in a few years I plan to travel to cities and be in productions. I’ll come back here, to where I actually live, once I’m finished with a project. I’ll stay several weeks and piddle around and then head out once I find another project in another place. (Of course, I’m limiting myself to the region of the country I’m living in now. Alas, I won’t be able to afford to do *big* travel.)

In the meantime, I’ll also be working on writing my own projects. I’m strange, you see. It’s extremely hard for me to write when I’m not already engaged in a creative project. I’ve never been able to write just for the sake of writing, not a play or script. Heck, not even prose. (Blog entries do not count, as far as I’m concerned.) So once I’m actually engaged in productions it’ll kick-start my writing. It never fails.

Then, in ten years I hope to be happily plugging along doing what I love, writing and acting and directing. Maybe I’ll be producing small projects by then as well. I hope to, at least. I’ve never in my life wanted anything more than to do those first three things listed: write, act, direct. I let it all go to (stupidly, though I didn’t know that at the time) accommodate a wife in a terrible marriage, and then once I was divorced I had to leave it alone in order to be a full-time dad to my sons. Once that immediate “live-in” responsibility is over, I’ll start things back up.

I may not make much of a living, of course. I will be living the life I want, though. That’s the goal right there.

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One Response to My Life Ten Years From Now

  1. Beautiful post! As a fellow blighted actress with writers block for years since I left college, I can definitely relate! I LOVE people who realize it’s not about the amount of money but the creative process. Please keep sharing, I’ll be watching!


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