I did something kind of unusual this evening.

I went and belayed for my youngest son while he climbed at the indoor rock climbing place in the area metro. Other than light exercise I’ve kind of avoided much overtly physical activity over the past eight or nine years because of recurring knee and shoulder problems injury from past injuries. (Long story, though not terribly complicated.) Anyway, he’s an outdoorsy boy, and since I live out in the middle of nowhere he doesn’t often have a lot to do. Just running around does tend to get old after a few years of it. So I took him this evening to the indoor rock climbing place I found online last night. We had a nice, fun time. He really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed being there with and helping him. It’s not too expensive, about $30, and so we’ll do it again next week.

Now I need to find something to do with each of his brothers. They’re sixteen, identical twins. They’re not only hard to shop for. (I know that’s not correct usage.) They’re also some difficult to do things with. (There, too.) They have expensive tastes, compared to their little brother. At any rate, I have to find something to with/for each of them. I don’t want to leave them out. I don’t have much more time with them at home, only a few more years until they’re likely out the door and on their own. Alas, time does fly.

Why did I say what I did was unusual? Well for one thing… I’m a something of a tightwad. I don’t spend money too freely very often, and nights/days out doing activities usually costs money. I get a little over $1000 a month from Disability, and between rent, insurance, gas, food, and incidentals it spreads thin over 31 days. I get a some additional for the kids, but that goes towards their clothes, school stuff, and the few bills I have specifically related to/for them. I usually have a little left over at month-end, and that’s normally when we try go out and do stuff. I changed the schedule this month, took a chance that this month will be like most others with the money. I felt I needed to, for them, the kids. There’s no sense in being a boring slave to schedule/habit. You only enjoy life once, right?

The point is: I did something out of the routine today. I’ve not done that in a long while. I did it on purpose. I didn’t plan. I just did it, and we had fun. I genuinely enjoyed myself, and I especially enjoyed having fun with my son. Out of the house. Trying something new. It may not be enormous progress, but I’ll take what progress I can get.

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